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To alls my russian fans; Russians, you best goes away now. My livejournal is about my Important C-Store Management Documentins and for documentation of my Walk Thrus, nots for you to be postin' all over it about your ли картриджи к printer cartridges, because if you knew me, you's know that when I want to print an important document, I cry tears and use my mascara drippins to make documents. It works real good except for that mexicano letters get all goofy like, Jose', but Jose' be gone now so we don't need no new printer inks for our documentational documenting. I done did appreciate yours comment about "human hair fashion wigs" since I enjoy such things as "human hair fashion wigs" while doin' my Walk Thrus but your link gave my UIC C-Stores Management @ UIC Computer viruses or some shit and I had to requisition me another one and document it in the C-Stores UIC Log of Expenditures for The Expenses of Managing UIC C-Stores Log and it was too much paperwork to dock Nadean's pay for that when I would rather click around Walk Thruing all day. You should now document this on your log in triplicate, Russia.

Ohs, by the way, internet, I gots me a new title apparently, I am Assistant Director Retail Operations and Business Development. @UIC. No shittins.
Am I still in employment at the UIC C-Store Convenience Stores Retail Operations Manager Retail Operations UIC C-Store?  Yes, I do think I is.  However, they been cutting budgets in THEYS manuals, so I been hiding out.  I even got my stomach stapled so I can fit up into better hiding places.  Oh, UIC, don't be forgetting you need some Retail Operations C-Stores Important Manager of Retail Operations to operate your university campus maximumly. 

Carol Davis
UIC Retail Operations C-Stores General Manager who is not hiding behind the fishtank shh go away
This is my associate assistant second in command, Rhonda n me at the annual UIC party. That barbeque chicken was deeelicious.

I just remembered the time Jose told me he was quittins and I promptly spilled my coffee.
Don' yah be disrespectizin', beyotch!

No1knwsb1 (11:41:33 PM): because i worked at union last year the whole 900 hours then laid off for like 3 months then started right away at halsted so 1st off all if i was stealing from haslted why didn't she fire me back then, she didn't and if i was stealing why would she hire me back, what a bluff

Yah be lyzin', foo.
-Carol L. Davis
My name is Carol L. Davis, and I am sad.

Today was not a good day at all. Kristy is such a bitch. While I was having an important C-Stores meeting with my associate Rhonda who I am more important than, Kristy BARGED into my office, stabbed me with a peg board peg, and told me she was quitting. I am totally not making this up. I did not cry, however. There was a thunderstorm today, and that is what made my 48kg of mascara run all over my face. I mean, it was because Nadean doesn't get it. She is so stupid and not important, and I try to explain this to her hourly in a calm and relaxed and swear-free manner. And this is the day after the previous day in which Jose' quit the C-Stores Retail Operations Team which I am in charge of. However, I will most likely post about my experiences with Jose' later. That is because I have to go tell him how evil and bad and ugly Kristy and Nadean are. I know he would not tell them what I said, because I am Carol L. Davis. All of my employee-status employees are intimidated by by Retail Operations (C-Stores) (@UIC) greatness, as you can tell by the clicky noises my shoes make when I perform very important "walk-thrus".

Carol L. Davis, Important C-Stores General Manager, UIC Retail Operations.
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omg wtf

Friday was an utterly miserable nightmare. Firstly, I had the C-Store Party to organize. Then I did a surprise walkthrough at Morgan. OMG. I hid in the campbells soup so no one would suspect a thing. But I kept takin some peeks here n there. </br>

Then I saw the pegboard, it looked fer shit. (No offense).

OMG WTF I was so mad. I flew out of the comfortably warm and moist soup-bin straight at Don (mcQuay) and Kristy. I grabbed their crotches before they noticed anything was amiss. A squeel escaped from Kristy's mouth, and Don protectively reached for his privates.</br>

Next, Jose tried to sneak up from behind me. So I became horizontal and kapowed him in the jaw. A real nice one too. </br>


So I was about to leave the store after smacken em up when the handy SARS symptom bug-chart came at me. Despite my heavy layers of mascara I managed to activate my laser eyes. </br>
</br> </br>
Oh I showed everyone who'se boss today. (Carol Davis)
I am off to another day of work. Today, another party. I would be glad if all my C-Store employees made it to the party, on their unpaid breaks.
-Carol L. Davis
General Manager of You (C-Stores)
Dear Consumers,
The Internet never lies:

Carol D.
(of C-Stores)

Reports show that after all this time, I am not actually on vacation. Instead, I will be sitting in the office, watching the security cameras. Also, we will refurbish the peg board wall for the fourth (4th) day, even though I did not forget about the pens. Nadean and Jose' must have forgotten that I did not forget about the pens. That is why they work in the store, and I am Carol L. Davis.

Carol L. Davis
General Manager of UIC Retail Operations and C-Store Queen.
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This memo is for concerning my important upcoming vacational status. This is because I am overstressified from sitting in a chair listening to classical music and babbling fountains for a whole work week. While I am out of the C-Stores UIC Retail Operations General Manager Office, I done expect all incoming invoices from vendors to be added to your log sheets. Also please rearrange the store to be more decreative. Also please make 14 copies of all mail I receive while I am absent or not here in case I lose them when I come back. Also, Jose'- Please yell at Nadean every 10-15 minutes in my place, so that she does not become happyified.

Carol L. Davis
UIC C-Store Retail Operation of C-Stores of the University of Illinois at Chicago Campus of the university Retail Operations of the C-Stores General Manager

CC: Jose', Nadean, Rhonda, Donald McQuay, Fatimah.
Friday December Twentieth, Two Thousand and three.

Today I demonstrated Nadean how to correctly position the pegboard at Halsted Street Station (one of the C-stores) because she had it all incorrect and mismatched. Thanks to my associate's degree in business, I taught her about 'color-blocking' which is the process of arranging pens by it's respective color. I also informed Jose of the placement of orders that I am going to iniatiate. First, we need multi-colored yellow flourescent post its in 3 different sizes. Also, we need 6 rows of staplers, for the consumers. Please make a note of this and insert it in your manual(s).

Carol L. Davis (C-store manager at UIC of retail operations)
brown line
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The pegboard looks fer shit.
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